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Our principles are based on respect for the environment and strict compliance with legislation across Europe, in addition to our zero waste and carbon neutral commitment. To do this we have an expert team in the management of reusable wooden and plastic pallets capable of connecting all your suppliers saving time and money.

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We offer you a quality service with custom recycled pallets, economic and functional. Because using and pulling is a thing of the past.

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  • 2020

    We launched new wooden and plastic pallets with a longer life cycle. We continue to grow and negotiate with community-based valorisation centres to provide an optimal service aware of market demands and their constant evolution.
  • 2019

    With the acquisition Pallet Management UK Ltd. and the opening of the Birmingham headquarters confirmed our strong presence in the UK, a key point for global logistics. Our presence at international fairs in different locations in Europe is already common.
  • 2018

    We expanded our range of action with the opening of offices in Lisbon and Paris. We also became the first Spanish company capable of recycling coffee capsules in our union with the Eroski group.
  • 2017

    Our name begins to sound strong. We participated in the first International Logistics and Packaging Fair to publicize our work reinforced by the PEFC certification the sustainable provenance of wood. We are enrolled in the carbon footprint register, compensation and carbon dioxide absorption projects, to reduce the greenhouse gases of our activity.
  • 2016

    Born in Madrid Pallets Logistics Supply SL, with a clear goal: achieve a green industry based on the circular economy and customer satisfaction. We are ISO certified 9001 and ISO 14001 which naturally confirms and reinforces our mission.

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