Huella de carbon, compensation and dioxide absorption projects carbon.



The Royal Decree by which the record is created, It establishes that the organizations registered in the section of track
carbon and commitments of reduction and/or compensation may use a seal belonging to the Ministry of
Agriculture, Food and environment (MAGRAMA). This seal is registered and is property of the
The seal was created with a dual purpose. On the one hand, makes it easy for organizations to demonstrate their participation in the
registration and, On the other hand, — reflects the degree of effort undertaken by them in the fight against the
climate change. In this sense, It was considered appropriate to distinguish between those organizations that
they calculate their carbon footprint and are on the path of reducing its emissions, of those that already reduced
and/or compensate. Seal, Therefore, allows you to identify, for a defined period (It will be annual), three levels of
participation: calculation of the carbon footprint, its reduction or compensation.
Below briefly explains the relationship between the different sections of the registry and the possibilities
offering seal. The registry, consists of three sections:

– Section of trace of carbon and GHG emissions reduction commitments
– Projects section of absorption of CO2.
– Carbon footprint compensation section.

Organizations wishing to obtain this stamp should, First of all, calculate this carbon footprint and
as described in the MAGRAMA support documents and register in the section of "carbon footprint
and greenhouse gas emissions reduction commitments"registry. Once the
MAGRAMA validate these calculations, the organization may obtain the seal that reflects this effort (CALCULATION).
Subsequently, will be assessed if the reduction commitments have become effective, in which case also
will be reflected in the label (REDUCE)
The organization also has the ability to sign up for the "carbon footprint compensation" section
by means of which, You can offset your emissions through absorption of carbon dioxide projects
have previously been registered in the section 'projects of CO2 absorption' of the same record or,
When this option is enabled, through other reductions of greenhouse gas emissions
recognized by the MAGRAMA. (COMPENSATED).

Seal, Therefore, advises on:

– Participation in the carbon footprint sections (distinguishing if only you have calculated or
has been calculated and reduced) and compensation (in which case you must have previously calculated its
carbon footprint).
– The specific period is corresponding to this participation.


At the time of receiving the seal of the carbon footprint that corresponds, the recipient declares and accepts
voluntarily the following points:
– Know and accept the objectives of registration in the register of carbon footprint, compensation and
absorption of carbon dioxide projects.
– Comply with all the provisions of the Manual of use of the seal of the register of carbon footprint,
compensation and absorption of carbon dioxide projects
– Respect the intellectual property of the seal of the register of carbon footprint, compensation and projects
absorption of carbon dioxide.
– Do not modify or alter the seal.
– Do not use the label on products.
– Not make malicious use of register of carbon footprint logo, compensation and
projects of absorption of carbon dioxide that may involve comparison between brands,
producers and/or products.


The Ministry of agriculture, Food and environment, through the Spanish Office of change
Climate (OECC), and once notified the registration or update to the registry's carbon footprint,
compensation and absorption of carbon dioxide projects, It will deliver the authorization of use of the seal, together
with seal, the corresponding organization.
The use of the seal time will be unlimited, provided the OECC not communicated to the interested party the
contrary. This last situation could occur if registration occurs low in the registry, or if they are
updates in the registry of the footprint/offset of a given year, so you change the
information that reflects the seal. In this case, the updated label will be to replace the previous.
The seal may not under any circumstances modify is, or altered.
If the MAGRAMA detect misuse of the seal and therefore a breach of the present Manual request
the organization which remedy it. Yes, At last, persists the misuse, shall immediately withdraw approval
for the use of the seal and give low registration on the registry.
The General direction of the Spanish Office of climate change, you will be responsible for dialogue with the
agents involved in the use of which is detected a misuse of the seal and to carry out the withdrawal of the
authorization if necessary.