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PLS POOLING proposes a new way of managing the pallets.

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April 3, 2017 PLS POOLING

Madrid PLS POOLING (Pallet Logistic Supply) It is a new management of ERT's platform, put in
March mid 2016, allowing many of the advantages of the system Pool, but without the need of
rent equipment. The company operates with any white pallet (European measurement, half and quarter pallet,
American, etc.) and provides service in the Peninsula all - included Portugal- and the archipelagos
Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands.


Through their 30 plants for waste management, remove damaged or disused pallets
customers, carrying out the operational accurate for its recycling and enhancement products
compliant. On the other hand, the customer receives again the amount and types of containers required to the
best possible price, Since PLS POOLING negotiated the supply of production centres.
For all the operational transport, It has a fleet of more than one hundred trucks and a
top total template to the 200 people.














In the words of Juan Pablo Solís, CEO of PLS POOLING: “The integral management of waste, attached to the facilities and resources that has PLS POOLING, ensures the possibility of maintaining a Pool of
repurchase in destination and sale in origin that allows a savings of close to one-third of the current cost of
many companies”.

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