Our task
PLS POOLING It aims to be the perfect interlocutor between our customers and the suppliers of this, greatly simplify your work, decreasing time, management and costs significantly.

  • A single partner for supply or withdrawals anywhere in Europe, avoiding constant quality conditions of modifications, technical and economic.
  • We assure the availability of containers employed immediately according to the demands at the points of consumption.
  • We try to avoid additional costs for the management of transport no return.
  • Remove and manage while we sort and repair pallets and containers damaged at authorised points.
  • We deal directly with industry professionals throughout the process through the use of new technologies, speeding up the processing of requests.
  • We managed to reduce the emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gas, energy efficiency, as well as the environmental.
  • We examined, We group and repair the pallets to place them back in the market of manufacturing conditions